Second Life

Now that I got a new computer, one of the first things I intend to do is explore Second Life. I joined more than a year ago, but my 5-yr-old computer crashes within two or three minutes every single time. This has been frustrating because the possibilities with Second Life just keep getting better. Last year I attended a Wireless Ready conference in Nagoya which featured a Second Life demonstration and a virtual presentation. Those of us in Nagoya watched our beefcake virtual presenter and only three virtual participants jerk about, clap, fly,  and sort of interact in  a somewhat empty world. This year, the Wireless Ready conference will again feature a Second Life virtual conference (SLURL: and I am very curious to compare it to last year. I think the changes will be astounding. A recent video on YouTube highlighted the educational possibilities of Second Life very well and showed how rich SL is becoming. One really interesting development mentioned in the video and also on the Language Lab Unleashed blog, is Sloodle, an open-source application that combines Second Life with Moodle. For those of us who are using Moodle for language teaching, this is mouthwatering stuff indeed.

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